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The Wishing Tree project is organised by non-profit organisation LET’S GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE. It is a very administratively, financially and time demanding project and without the help of our partners we would not be able to offer it to such an extent. We organise the Wishing Tree project in cooperation with company Se Srdcem s.r.o., whose executive Petra Kubíková has been personally significantly involved since the beginning. Her support increases every year and in 2019 most of the administration and operations have moved to Kroměříž.

The general partner of the project is the ČEZ Foundation, which helps us cover the financial costs associated with the project that cannot be covered from the operating budget of our organisation. Thanks to this support, we can use the help of temporary workers who help to enter the children’s wishes into the system, order the presents, store, sort and check them and coordinate volunteers who wrap the presents. All in cooperation with our organisation and the company Se Srdcem.

For the duration of the project it is necessary to rent a “stronger” server for the operation of the website with regard to the expected higher traffic, especially within the first few days of the project. Each year we also cover the costs of graphic design materials, technical work on the server, in the administration system and on the project website.

ALBI Czech Republic a.s. provides us with wrapping paper and gift bags in the required quantity every year. Letters to Santa, leaflets and most of the promotional materials related to the project are printed free of charge by BB Partner s.r.o.

In order to reach out to as many "Santas" as possible, we need to inform the public about the project, which we do through our the project's media partners.
You can also help by sharing our activities with your family and friends on social media platforms. 

Children's wishes randomly selected

Have you not decided yet?

If you cannot decide what wish to fulfil, you can help by sending a contribution to the project’s account
 6072121028/5500 under a variable symbol 9999. We use these contributions to pay for the unfulfilled wishes and thanks to them, we have also managed to fulfil all the children’s Christmas wishes in recent years! You can also contribute via card payment through secure terminal HERE