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Novo Plaza mall

Wishing Tree in Novo Plaza Shopping mall in Prague

18/11/ - 12/12/2023

The procedure of filling out Christmas wishes is simple:

At the Wishing Tree stand, you can choose the whish you want to fulfill from the selection of children's wishes, buy it and then bring it back to the stand.

In return, you will receive the original Letter to Santa, written by the child whose wish you have fullfiled. You can attach your short personal message to the child's gift, the so-called Message from Santa.

We will wrap all the Christmas gifts, and the representatives of the Children's homes will pick them up after the end of the project and then distribute them to the children at Christmas.

Project history:

In 2017, we expanded the Whishing Tree online project with the option of purchasing gifts for children with the direct physical participation of the donor. We established cooperation with the Novo Plaza Shopping mall in Prague, where the "Whishing Tree" project already had a tradition.

We believe that we will fulfill children's Christmas wishes here together for many years to come!

Results of previous years:




Number of fullfiled whishes



The value of fullfiled whishes


CZK 866 536



CZK 780 385



CZK 447 204



CZK 556 096



CZK 516 583



CZK 493 863


3 181

CZK 3 660 667 


Children's wishes randomly selected

Have you not decided yet?

If you cannot decide what wish to fulfil, you can help by sending a contribution to the project’s account
 6072121028/5500 under a variable symbol 9999. We use these contributions to pay for the unfulfilled wishes and thanks to them, we have also managed to fulfil all the children’s Christmas wishes in recent years! You can also contribute via card payment through secure terminal HERE