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how to contribute

The procedure of fulfilling a child´s Christmas wish is very simple:

     1. by clicking on the wish icon, the detail of the child´s wish will be displayed 
     2. after entering the PURCHASE option, you will be prompted to fill in personal information

  • Your personal data is stored in accordance with the organisation´s registration with the Office for Personal Data Protection (reg. nu.: 00039644). Based on the given information we can issue you a gift acceptance record. According to Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on taxes, you can deduct the value of the present from your income tax base. 
  • If you do not require a gift acceptance record, the wish can be purchased without providing personal information. 
  • If you do not enter your personal data, a gift acceptance record cannot be issued afterwards. 

     3. you choose a form of payment 

  • by card 
    You will be automatically redirected to the secure payment environment of Česká spořitelna via the Global Payments server. 
  • bank transfer
    In this case it is neccessary to state your email address! We will send you an email with an account number and variable symbol of the chosen present.

     4. you choose whether you want to receive a gift acceptance record for tax deduction
     5. you choose whether you agree with the inclusion of your name in the list of donors 
     6. confirm your choice with the PURCHASE button 
     7. you will receive a confirmation of the present purchase to the email you entered (we send the confirmations at the end of the project)

The whole procedure will not take more than 2 minutes of your time!

Children's wishes randomly selected

Have you not decided yet?

If you cannot decide what wish to fulfil, you can help by sending a contribution to the project’s account
 6072121028/5500 under a variable symbol 9999. We use these contributions to pay for the unfulfilled wishes and thanks to them, we have also managed to fulfil all the children’s Christmas wishes in recent years! You can also contribute via card payment through secure terminal HERE