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SC Arkády Pankrác

In 2017, we expanded the internet project with the possibility of purchasing gifts for children from children's homes with the direct participation of the donor. 

We established cooperation with the Novodvorská Plaza shopping center. In two years we have successfully fulfilled 1 146 wishes of children from selected cooperating children's homes worth CZK 1 010 446! At the beginning of 2019 a new owner took over and we failed to continue with the successful cooperation. 

That is why we established a new cooperation with shopping center Arkády Pankrác, where the Wishing Tree project had its very successful premiere in 2019. 
From 23/11 to 15/12 the shoppers fulfilled 653 children's Christmas wishes in total amount of CZK 556 096!
Some of the wishes were paid for from the contributions sent to the project's account 6072121028/5500 and from money obtained from the sale of Christmas vouchers. 


Students we support as well as our supporters help with the project. They explain the rules, and control and sort accepted presents. 

Then, every year, teams of volunteers help us wrap the Christmas presents. 

Many thanks to all of you who help us fulfil children´s wishes, to all those who help us with the organisation of the project, and to the administration of SC Arkády Pankrác for cooperation and for providing a space for the project´s implementation.  

We hope that we have started a new tradition and we hope that the Wishing Tree project will be more successful from year to year. 

Children's wishes randomly selected

Have you not decided yet?

If you cannot decide what wish to fulfil, you can help by sending a contribution to the project’s account
 6072121028/5500 under a variable symbol 9999. We use these contributions to pay for the unfulfilled wishes and thanks to them, we have also managed to fulfil all the children’s Christmas wishes in recent years! You can also contribute via card payment through secure terminal HERE